Ornamental Conifers

Abies nordmanniana
nordman fir
Popular ornamental tree in parks and large gardens.
Price: $18.50 - $48.00 (Also, 1 large specimen in the ground; inquire) Status: In Stock

One of the most beautiful firs on earth. Abies nordmanniana, the Nordmann Fir, is native to the mountains west and east of the Black Sea, in Turkey, Georgia, Russian...

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Calocedrus decurrens
Incence Cedar
Price: Inquire Status: Sold Out

Calocedrus decurrens (California Incense-cedar; syn. Libocedrus decurrens Torr.) is a  conifer native to western North America, from Oregon and California, west to limited high...

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Cedrus atlantica glauca
blue atlas cedar
From the Atlas Mts. of Morocco
Price: $125 - 6' specimen Status: Not Available

One of the three true cedar species in the world.  A stately tree with bold habit. Cedrus atlantica, the Atlas Cedar, is native to the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco.

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis "Pendula"
Weeping Nootka Cypress
Price: $120/10 gal. - 5' tall Status: Not Available

The most graceful of all of the weepng conifers. Relaively fast growing. Weeping trees are trees that are characterized by a typical shape with soft, limp twigs This may lead to a bent crown and...

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Chamaecyparis obtusa "Coralliformis"
Japanese cypress, hinoki cypress or hinoki
Price: $75/specimen Status: Sold Out

Chamaecyparis obtusa (Japanese cypress, hinoki cypress or hinoki) is native to central Japan. It is a slow-growing tree which grows to 35 m tall with a trunk up to 1 m in...

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Chamaecyparis obtusa "Filicoides"
Fernspray False Cypress
Delicate-looking Foliage
Price: $14.50/2 gal (2-3 ft); larger priced accordingly Status: In Stock

This is a handsome pyramidal evergreen having gracefully curved limbs with fern-like green foliage. Adds an interesting oriental look to garden. Will grow in large planters or nice as an entryway...

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Cunninghamia lanceolata 'glauca'
Chinese Fir
Lovely Blue Needles
Price: $18.50/ gal - Larger Plants Priced Based Upon Size and Shape Status: Limited Supply

This is really a stunner! Flattened, lanceolate, blue green leaves on a fast growing irregularly conical frame. Sweet!  The general shape of Cunninghamia is conical with...

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Cupressocyparis leylandii
Leyland Cypress
Sun 70' Height / 20' Spread
Price: N/A Status: Not Available

We no longer grow this plant as it is highly susceptible to bagworms and is not proving itself winter hardy with advanced age and size. As it is a hybrid between the coastal California Monterey...

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Ginkgo biloba
maidenhair tree
Open, Branched Architecture
Price: $44.50/7' plant Status: Limited Supply

Like the dawn redwood, this species was also thought to be extinct.   It was rediscovered growing in Buddist monastaries in Japan.  Beautiful, flattened leaves ("needles") appear as the image of...

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Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Dawn Redwood
Very Fast Growing to 120' - 200'
Price: $22.50/2 gal. to $185 for a large, beautiful, interesting specimen. Status: In Stock

Metasequoia glytostroboides, the dawn redwood is a most exceptional species. Beautful verdant foliage in the spring, braided trunk relief and attractive orange needles in...

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Picea abies "Pendula"
pendant norway spruce
A bulletproof weeper
Price: Per specimen Status: Sold Out

The genetically plastic (variable) norway spruce produces many variants, and this is a nice pendulous selection that is smart looking and easy to grow. Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is a...

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Picea omorika 'pendula'
Weeping Serbian Spruce
From the Transylvanian Alps
Price: Per specimen Status: Limited Supply

P. omorika 'pendular' is a weeping variety with pendulous branches. Picea omorika, commonly called Serbian spruce, is an evergreen conifer that is native to limestone soils in the upper...

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Picea orientalis "Prostrata"
prostrate oriental spruce
Tough as Nails
Price: $45/15 gallon container Status: Limited Supply

A prostrate spruce with very small, round needles. Picea orientalis is commonly known as the Caucasian Spruce or Oriental Spruce.   It is a...

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Pinus strobus "Nana"
dwarf white pine
Also called Patio Pine
Price: Call Status: Limited Supply

A beautiful, densley foliaged white pine that will accentuate any area in which it is placed. This compact white pine can be grown in the ground or in very large containers. It is also refered to...

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Sciadopytis verticillata
Japanese Umbrella Pine
Slow Growing
Price: N/A Status: Sold Out

This very unique conifer is in a class by itself. Elegant whorls of long, flat, slender needles grace the ends of the branches.

Thuja occidentalis 'elegantissima'
Elegantissima Arborvitae
A small tree, growing to a height of 5–12 meters (15–36 ft) tall.
Price: $10.50/gallon (16" plant) Status: In Stock

Thuja occidentalis is an evergreen coniferous tree, in the cypress family Cupressaceae, which is native to the Northeast United States and southeasern Canada, but widely...

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Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald Green'
Emerald Green Arbor Vitae
A Premium Variety
Price: Various, $18.50/2 gal., $24/4 ft, (3 gal), $75/7gal. (premium) Status: In Stock


This American arborvitae cultivar is a semi-dwarf, evergreen shrub with a compact, narrowly pyramidal habit. Glossy bright green, scale-like foliage in flat sprays.  Grown as a 8' - 15' (...

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Thuja plicata x standishii
'Green Giant' arborvitae
Price: $12.50/gal (20"), $16.50/2 gal (2 - 3')) Status: In Stock

The National Arboretum’s breeding programs are recognized for developing noteworthy plant introductions for the horticulture and nursery industry, and 'Green Giant' arborvitae (Thuja...

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