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Picea orientalis "Prostrata"

prostrate oriental spruce
Tough as Nails
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$45/15 gallon container
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A prostrate spruce with very small, round needles. Picea orientalis, commonly known as the Caucasian Spruce or Oriental Spruce.   It is a medium to large, densely-branched, narrow-pyramidal evergreen conifer that typically grows in cultivation to 50-70' tall. It is native to mountain areas from the Caucasus to Turkey. Flattened, glossy, dark green needles (to 1/2" long) are shorter than the needles of other species of spruce. Small pollen bearing (male) cones are red. Seed bearing (female) cones (to 4" long) are purple maturing to brown. Bark may exfoliate with age.

Genus name is reportedly derived from the Latin word pix meaning pitch in reference to the sticky resin typically found in spruce bark.

'Prostrata' is a low growing variety that makes a greay statement in a large architectural container or on a slope.

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