Ornamental Misc

Aechmea, Neoregalia, Tillandsia..
easy to grow!
Price: Now $5 - $10 Status: In Stock

Bromeliads are in the Pineapple Family and include plants from the rainforest to deserts to the high Andes, even the Spanish Moss of the Gulf Coast.  They are usually epiphytes (they grow on other...

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Agapanthus africanus
Lily of the Nile
Stunning and Robst in the Spring!
Price: $25/plant (1-2 gal) Status: Limited Supply

Agapanthus is typically known as Lily of the Nile, although they are not true lilies (They are in the Amaryllis Family) and most are native to South...

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Alocasia macrorrhiza
Elephant Ear Caladium
Breath a Bit of the Tropics!
Price: normally $8 - $15 Status: In Stock

The mother plant of ours had leaf blades 4 feet long and the whole plant was 15 feet in diameter.  If you keep this going in a bright window over the winter, you might approximate this measurement...

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Amorphophallus konjac (rivieri)
Voodoo Lily
Bizarre and Wonderful!
Price: $12.50 to $25 to $75 (6' plant) Status: In Stock

Amorphophallus konjac, (previously Amorphophallus rivieri) commonly called devil's tongue, konjaku, konnyaku, or voodoo lily,...

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Brassia verrucosa
This is a keeper!
Price: $18-$28 Status: In Stock

Brassia verrucosa is a prolific bloomer and easy to grow. It is native to Central American wher if festoons trees in the mid-altitude mountain highlands. Flowers are...

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Cycas revoluta
Cycad, Sago Palm
A Very easy Houseplant to grow.
Price: $18 - $40 Status: In Stock

Cycads are an ancient group of seed plants with a crown of large compound leaves and a stout trunk. They are a minor component of the flora in...

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Eichhornia crassipes, Vallisneria, Ceratopyllum, Nyphaea, etc
Pond Plants; Water Lily, Water Hyacinth, arrowhead, wold celery, etc
Great for Appearance and Absorbing Nutrients.
Price: priced per plant/inquire Status: Limited Supply

We have a number of aquatic plants, including: water hyacinth, purple taro, arrowhead, wool grass, sedges,  and sweet flags.

SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation): Ceratophyllum...

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Eucharis grandiflora
Eucharist Flower
Good for warm, shady places
Price: $15.00/plant Status: In Stock

Eucharis grandiflora is a lovely, tropical, flowering plant in the Amaryllidaceae, native to western Colombia and western Ecuador. With the flowers, it is about 2 feet...

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Musa "dwarf red"
Dwarf Red Fig Banana
An full, elegant plant for the sun room or patio window!
Price: $28.50/gal. Status: Limited Supply

These delicious bananas grow to only 6' - 8' (in contrast to the usual 12'), and the stems are a beautiful red color.  The fruit has the flavor of banana mixed with a little apple, and is smooth...

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Orchids: Phragmipeium, Phaleonopsis, Brassia, Cymbidium, Oncidium, etc
The Largest and Most Interesting Plant Family on Earth!
Price: $15.00 - $45.00 Status: In Stock

We have quite a few tropical orchids in stock, Including Phragmipedium Schlimii, sedenii, and a few others. Some of...

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Platycerium species
Staghorn Fern
Unusual and Fun to Grow!
Price: $18/pot; $36 - $125/wall planter Status: Limited Supply

These are beautiful epiphytes that usually grow on the trunks of rainforest trees, their roots absorbing water and nutrients from the forest above.  They trap debris in the shield (sterile frond)...

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Stephanotis floribunda
Madagascar Jasmine
Frangrant and Beautiful.
Price: $65/ Mature Vine (4+') Status: Limited Supply

Stephanotis is an evergreen, tropical vine with a scattered distribution in several tropical and subtropical regions.

They are are grown for their strongly...

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Strelitzia reginae
Bird of Paradise
Beautiful in Flower
Price: $35/large plant Status: Limited Supply

Strelitzia reginae is a monocotyledonous flowering plant indigenous to South Africa. Common names include strelitzia, crane flower or bird of paradise....

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