Ornamental Trees

Albizia julibrissin
Pink Silk Tree; Mimosa Tree
Beautiful, Fragrant Flowers
Price: $18.50/4' - 5', 3 gal; $10.50/gal Status: In Stock

An attractive and fast growing small tree, Albizia julibrissin is native to Iran to Japan. It is a fast-growing plant whose seedlings can become invasive under certain...

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Apple - 'honeycrisp'
Honeycrisp Apple
Sweet and Juicy
Price: sold out Status: Available in Spring

Honeycrisp (Malus pumila 'Honeycrisp') is an apple cultivar (cultivated variety) developed at the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station's Horticultural Research...

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Apple - Arkansas Black
Arkansas Black Apples
One of the darkest skinned apples.
Price: Sold Out Status: Available in Spring

Arkansas Black Apples. These sounded very interesting as a great tasting apple, so we thought that we would give them a try.  The plants are 5' - 7', nicely branched transplants in 5 - 7 gallon...

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Apple - Fuji
Fuji Apples
Crisp, Flavorful and Delicious
Price: Sold Out Status: Available in Spring

Fuji Apple trees, 6' - 7, nicely branched transplants in 5 - 7 gallon containers. These are crisp, juicy and aromatic apples. The fruit keeps up to 12 months when refrigerated. It ripens in late...

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Betula platyphylla
White Birch
A Borer Resistant White Birch
Price: $55.00/10 gal. (7'- 8'); $35/5gal. (6'-7') Status: In Stock

This white birch is best grown in medium to wet, well-drained, sandy or rocky loams in full sun to part shade. Although it prefers full sun in its native habitat, in the eastern US, it is best...

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Cornus kousa
Oriental dogwood
Sun/P. Shade 25' Height / 15' - 20' Spread
Price: $12.50/Gallon (4'-5'); $16.50/2 gal (5') Status: In Stock

Wonderful disease resistant dogwood that blooms creamy white turning pink, 3 weeks after native dogwoods do, in June and last for at least 4 weeks. Round pink-orange fruits hang below branches in...

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Magnolia kobus stellata
'Waterlily' or 'Royal star'
Sun/P. Shade 10' to 15' Height / Equal Spread
Price: Size Dependent $16.50 to $24.50 and Up Status: In Stock

Magnolia stellata, or star magnolia, is native to Japan. It is a small deciduous tree that grows 15-20’ tall with a spreading, rounded crown. It is also often grown as a large oval to...

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Magnolia x liliflora x stellata
'Jane' and 'Ann' magnolia
Sun/P. Shade 40' Height / 25' Spread
Price: Size Dependent $8.50/gal. to $24.50/ 3 gal Status: In Stock

All of the magnolias are stunning in the spring.  This is no exception!

Poncirus var. monstrosa, “flying dragon”,
hardy citrus, flying dragon trifoliate orange
Hardy to Zone 5
Price: $10.50/qt. Status: In Stock

 Poncirus  var. monstrosa “flying dragon” is a more rare, contorted variety of the species, in quart-sized pots for $9.50.

The species is called the Japanese...

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Salix babylonica
Weeping Willow
Pendulous and Graceful
Price: $18.50/2-3 gallon (6') Status: In Stock

The classic weeping willow, from which the term willowy is coined. Salix babylonica is familiar as one of the most graceful trees to grace our yards and...

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Stewartia pseudocamelia
Beauty for All Seasons
Price: $16.50/2'-3'; $48.50/5'; some larger priced accordingly Status: In Stock

From Wikipedia: Stewartia pseudocamelia is a small to medium sized deciduous tree, growing to 10–15 m (rarely to 18 m) tall, often with multiple stems and/or low...

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