Phlox subulata

Moss Phlox
Low Ground Cover
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From Missouri Botanic Garden:

Phlox subulata, commonly called moss phlox, moss pink, mountain phlox or creeping phlox, is a vigorous, spreading, mat-forming, sun-loving phlox that grows to only 4" - 6” tall but spreads to 24” wide. It is noted for it creeping habit, its linear to awl-shaped leaves (which retain some green in winter) and its profuse carpet of mid-spring flowers with notched flower petals. It is native to somewhat dry, rocky or sandy places, open woodland areas and slopes from Michigan, Ontario and New York south to Tennessee and mainly in the Appalachians to North Carolina. Loose clusters (cymes) of fragrant, tubular flowers (to 3/4” wide) bloom in April-May. Flowers are red-purple to violet-purple, pink or white. Each flower has five, flat, petal-like, rounded lobes that are distinctively notched. Linear to awl-shaped, green leaves (to 1” long). From Latin, subulata means awl-shaped in reference to the leaves. Vegetation mats purportedly resemble moss, hence the common name of moss phlox. Many cultivars of this plant are available in commerce featuring flower colors of blue/purple, pink, red and white. Attractive to butterflies and other insect pollinators..

Excellent in rock gardens, edgings, foundations or ground covers. Ground covers are particularly valued in sunny areas of woodland gardens, slopes, native plant gardens or naturalized areas. Also appropriate for sunny areas of border fronts. Drape slightly over a rock wall.

We usaully have blue, white, some pink and 'Emerald' varieties that have dark, shiney leaves.

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