Rhododendron atlanticum

Coastal or Dwarf Azalea
Beautiful Flower, delightful fragrance
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Rhododendron atlanticum, or coastal rhododendron is native to the coastal plain of the eastern United States, from New Jersey south to Georgia. It is a deciduous shrub 2'5' - 5'  tall, spreading by underground stolons.

We carry the delicate pink variety that has been called 'Winnie B' and "Mardel' which is likely a natural hybrid between R. atlanticum and R. periclymenoides, which is unique, as the leaves are 3-5cm long and 1-2cm broad, bluish green, and hairless or with scattered glandular hairs. The sweet scented, fragrant white flowers are 3-4 cm long, usually white (a little pink in bud), sometimes with a bit of a yellow patch; they are produced in trusses of 4-10 together. The characteristics of this plant are of Rhododendron atlanticum, except it's height, which is 6' -7', and it's tendancy to remain less stoloniferous.

The flowers are deliciously fragrant, blooming early and attractive to early-arriving hummingbirds.

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