Viburnum dentatum 'Little Joe' and 'Blue Muffin'

arrowwood (FAC)
Sun/P.Shade/Shade 8' Height/ 8' Spread
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Viburnum dentatum is a medium to large shrub, native to the Eastern United States and Canada from Maine south to Northern Florida and Eastern Texas. In many cases this is a very nice specimen or border shrub. We are now carrying the attractive varieties, 'Blue Muffin' and 'Little Joe', a truly compact arrowwood with the original plant being only 4'x4' after 10 years.  It is not only ideal for smaller spaces, but blooms at the same time as 'Blue Muffin' making it an ideal pollinator.  Slow growing with a more refined texture and smaller leaves than the species.

Like most Viburnums, it has opposite, simple leaves and fruit in berry-like drupes. Foliage turns yellow to red in late fall. Localized variations of the species are common over its entire geographic range. Common differences include leaf size and shape and placement of pubescence on leaf undersides and petioles.

Larvae of different moths feed on V. dentatum. Species include the unsated sallow or arrowwood sallow (Metaxaglaea inulta) or Phyllonorycter viburnella. In some areas it is also consumed by the viburnum leaf beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni, an invasive species from Eurasia.  The fruits are a food source for migrating songbirds.  The berries are highly nutriteous, as they contain around 40% fat.

The mature fruits are blue to blue-back.  "Blue Muffin" and "Little Joe" are more dwarf varieties, ideal for edges and borders.

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