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About Our Nursery

Kollar Nursery specializes in plants native to the eastern United States.

Kollar Nursery specializes in container grown trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, native to Maryland and the eastern U.S., and we propagate most of what we grow. While we find great beauty in the diversity of plants from around the world and grow a few selected, noninvasive species, our first love is for our beautiful native wildflowers, and the well adapted trees and shrubs of our local fields, forests and wetlands.

We support efforts to restore our native flora and the health of the Chesapeake Bay. We carry plants that are ideal for rain gardens, bioswales and other forms of stormwater management and Environmental site design (ESD), as specified by Maryland and Pennsylvania. We are located in rural Harford County, near the MD/PA state line.

If you live within driving range, we encourage you to stop by for a visit. If you would like to order plants, or inquire as to what we have available, please contact us by phone, by email or conventional mail. We will be glad to ship those plants as we are able, depending on container size. We will be glad to discuss direct delivery options for orders within a 200 mile range.

Driving Directions

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