Native plants for wetlands, fields or forests and an eclectic mix of other botanic delights

Summer is Upon Us

While the Virginia bluebells, wood poppies, Hepatica, shooting stars and moss phlox have gone out of bloom, they are still available and can be planted for next years surprise and enjoyment. New species will soon be anointing our fields and woods with color. Turkscap lilies, birdsfoot violets, penstemons, mountain mints, lobelias, bonesets, anise hyssop and Joe Pye weeds are now or will soon be appearing and their flowers will grace the balmy breezes of late spring and summer. 

The following plants are just a few of what are ready for your pleasure: Native Rhododendrons (7 species), Christmas, royal, cinnamon, and maidenhair ferns, red maples and their cultivars, American elms (2 hardy varieties), American beech, musclewood, oaks, dogwoods (5 varieties), redbuds, American, inkberry and winterberry hollies, red and bottlebrush buckeyes, arbor vitae, bald cypress, paw paws, sourwoods, Viburnums and Hydrangeas.

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