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Dryopteris carthusiana (spinulosa)

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Spinulose Wood Fern
Delicate yet Robust.
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Moist (Mesic)
$9.50/1 qt.; $10.50/1 gal.

Spinulose Wood Fern, Dryopteris carthusiana (formerly spinulosa) is a relatively large, delicate, perennial fern that rises from a short-creeping rhizome and fibrous roots. The rhizome is thick, coarse, erect, and scaly. It often forms clumps.  Sterile and fertile fronds are similar in appearance. The fronds are erect, arching, 6″ to 30″ long, 4″ to 12″ wide, and lacy in appearance. They are about 2 times longer than wide, and most are at least 16″ long. They are evergreen to deciduous, with sterile fronds typically dying back in the winter, and fertile fronds remaining green.  It is visually interesting due to numerous scales around the emerging fiddleheads.

Spinulose Wood Fern, or to some Toothed Wood Fern is also native to Europe, Asia and Canada. This is an attractive and robust fern hardy to USDA zones 6-8, and it also tolerates bog conditions.

You will be delighted by the lacy foliage and lovely symmetry of this forest and glade dweller.

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